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you can see more of my work on my facebook fan page:



i love autumn wind. it’s so refreshing and dreamy.

i was sick for 1 week and didn’t get any painting done (actually i didn’t manage to do much except the school run and even that took all my strength.) anyway, i’m feeling better and have been working on some new stuff. 

“we were best friends” 6×8″ acrylics and inks on wood.





“turtle club” 6×6″ acrylics and inks on wood:



i love that i can finally wear my hair down again now that it isn’t sweltering hot. yay. (i tend to wear it up when i’m painting though or else the ends get in my paint.)


we took a little break and went to the CNE. i love that nothing really changes and it feels like a time warp. most of the rides i went on as a kid are still there and now our kids are enjoying them. 

the love of my life and me at the CNE:



giant fish pillow in the agricultural building (i neeeeeeed to get one). on a side note check out my t-shirt marky got me of rigby (from the regular show). it was the coolest surprise. i love cartoons + cartoon network.

i also finished a new painting. i’m doing a wrap-around style which basically is a continuation of the painting to the sides. no need for a frame with these puppies (or you’ll cover up the artwork and miss the bonus guys on the side).




6×8″ acrylics and inks on wood.



just finished this painting last night. cat bff’s and a mousey mouse. eeeeeeeeeeeeep! mice make me scream (but they are so cute to paint).


8×8″ acrylics and inks on wood.

i’ve been painting the sides of these new paintings. because it continues the feel of the piece and really gives it that extra sumpthin’. i’ve been wanting to experiment with this idea for a while. i’ve also been signing the side of these paintings because i didn’t want to distract the eye.

when i was a kid my older bro and i would stay up late inking our own comic books. i’d use indian ink and a thin paintbrush and micron pens. to this day i still love indian ink. i use the finest brush i can get 00 size. indian ink is messy but the best. i don’t really draw on paper much anymore but i do carry micron pens every where i go.

in other news marky and i got a keurig coffee machine and it’s the best 🙂 we feel like pro baristas without the sass (ok i still have a lil’ sass. lol) and all we have to do is press a few buttons. i’m loving raspberry chocolate flavor. it’s so great. so is cinnamon pastry.



bloorcourt was awesome. met so many nice people and had some good conversations. i even got a suntan (even though i put on sunscreen. eeeep!) there was a sweet summer breeze all day which was refreshing. i’m so lucky that i had the company of my man with me all day. couldn’t have done it without him. 8 hours at an arts & crafts fair is a long day and it’s always better shared with someone you love.

so, this week i’m working on some custom orders (i always feel so honored when people approach me about customs. they trust me to capture their nearest and dearest in a painted format).

i finished this painting today:


6×8″ acrylics and inks on wood. cat sisters. bunny friend. they like listening to sonic youth.

i will be working on more paintings like this in the next few weeks and months. cat girls. the sides are painted (a continuation of the background).


i’m an 80s baby. which means i’m automatically drawn to neons, gold and silver. so you see a lot of that in my work. i like to balance the neons and shiny colours with pastels (like lemon ice, bubblegum or minty green). secretly i still love acid wash and yes i do wear scrunchies in my hair.

we went to virginia beach in the 90s and that was where i got my first lisa frank notebook. sigh. it was the best.

here is some new work. i thought of this idea late one night (waaaaay too late) and mark was saying to sleep on the ideas instead of staring at the ceiling and concentrating. anyway, i wanted to add something to the cat paintings that made them more collectible and original. and then thought of these abstract forms. i used to use a lots of these types of shapes in previous work (as you can see in the photo below. a painting i did summer 2011) but combined with the cats it makes it so much better. also, i like the idea that you can have one or combo ’em up with a bunch. i’d like to do a show where every piece connects in this way and have like 100 of them all over the walls.

summer 2011

new cats:

6×8″ on wood

4×5″ on canvas.

bloorcourt is a week away. eeeep! i hope the weather will be nice. last year we were prepared with lots of water and sunscreen and had a great day. here’s the info. if you live in Toronto it’s definitely worth checking out:


these are some paintings i’ve completed recently:

like and totally are two of my favorite words.


this fluffy puffy cat will be one of the paintings i drop off at aboveground next week. it will be on display for a month. so if you want to see my paintings in “real” life that’s a good place to buy art supplies and see my cats. they look better in person cuz you can see all the fur strokes (and metallic colours i sometimes lace the fur with).





this one has a hand-knit bow:


this is a WIP. i started it about a year ago and set it aside because i was busy with custom portraits and smaller paintings. it’s about 22×24″ in size.

each of the flower blossoms are hand-knit and hand-stitched into the canvas. it took me off an on about a month to complete what you see here.

this is the back of the canvas. i’ve since trimmed some of the yarn ends so it’s less chaotic.


and here are some yarn blossoms patiently waiting to be incorporated into the painting.


when i was at uni i only really painted the pieces i had to do for assignments. then after school i had a string of jobs from cosmetician-flight attendant. it wasn’t until after i had my first child that i realized i wanted to be a homemaker and work from home in my spare time (which isn’t much time lol). but i paint every day for at least 2 hours when the kids are at school and when they are sleeping. i love painting and i feel so blessed i can do this as a job and stay home with my kids. they grow so fast and i cherish every moment i spend with them.

my daughter draws every day as well. she’s four and did this drawing the other day: